Mazama Ridge wildflowers, Mount Rainier National Park

Wildflowers at Mount Rainier National Park with mountain and clouds

Mazama Ridge wildflowers, Mount Rainier National Park

Chasing the light is always a crap-shoot. When trying to catch the edge of a storm you never know if you will get the clouds and the light, have it blow out and miss it altogether, or get throiughly soaked staring into a wall of fog.

On Monday I dashed off to Mount Rainier to photograph the wildflowers. The weather forecast was sketchy and the flowers supposedly had already peaked. Having been down there 10 days earlier when the flowers had not yet peaked and there was brilliant sunshine I was hoping for something more dramatic.

Early Tuesday morning I dashed up to the ridge while the clouds were whipping past me. One moment you could almost see the entire mountain, the next it was completely engulfed. The breeze made creating an image that more difficult — even the slightest of breezes causes the flowers to sway and on a long exposure blur. Waiting for the flowers to stop moving (mostly) and the clouds to part enough to reveal the mountain at the same time was both a game of patience and a race with the clock as the sunrise light was waning.

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